Will You Be Our Valentine?

For our beloved Alchemy Pay community,

From this Valentine’s Day, Monday February 14, we will be running commercials on billboards across some of the world’s greatest cities — New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo. As part of this exciting new campaign, we are giving our community the opportunity to participate in a competition.

Up for grabs are 19 limited edition Alchemy Pay NFTs and a total prize pool of 140222 $ACH!

Because this is a special competition we want you all to have a chance of winning so we’ve given you a couple of ways to enter. The first way is simple and the second way requires a more personal, loving touch in return for more exclusive prizes!

How to Enter:

  1. For a chance to win some $ACH from the prize pool just be sure to follow our Twitter profile and retweet: https://twitter.com/AlchemyPay/status/1492184582267052043
  2. For a chance to win some $ACH and one of our limited edition Alchemy Pay NFTs post a reply to our tweet https://twitter.com/AlchemyPay/status/1492184582267052043 with a photo or video of yourself/yourselves in front of one of our billboards accompanied by a few words that show your love for Alchemy Pay! Include the hashtag #alchemypayvalentines. Singles or couples are welcome to submit. Entries will be judged on various factors such as dedication, romance, humour, and originality. The judging criteria are not set in stone so get creative as you like!

The photo or video must be taken in person in front of our billboards in New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo (to find them click on this map here). The billboard commercials will be live on Monday 14 February and in some case run until the 20 February (see exact dates below).

Last Date for Entry: 20 February 2022
Winners to be Announced and Contacted: 23 February 2022

Where to Find our Billboards:
New York:
Times Square (14 February) and the nearby Nasdaq Tower (14 February at 3–3.30pm only)
Paris: Outside La Defense Metro station (14–20 February)
London: Reuters Plaza, Canary Wharf (14–20 February)
Tokyo: Shibuya Crossing (14–20 February)

Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love,
Alchemy Pay 💙

Terms and Conditions:
Each Twitter profile is only entitled to one entry per contest.

Only accounts that fulfil the entry requirements will be considered.

Winning accounts will be checked to confirm eligibility after selection. In the case of ineligibility, other accounts may be selected in place of the ineligible accounts.

Suspected bot/spam/suspicious/duplicate accounts will be immediately disqualified.

Winners will need to provide a valid cryptocurrency public address/account of the prize currency to receive the prizes.

Winners will receive a Twitter DM from us. If unanswered within 48 hours, the prize is considered forfeited.

Alchemy Pay reserves all rights to responsibly exercise the rights to disqualify entries.

We may use the best video and photo entries in future content on our website or Twitter profile. For example, we may make a fun montage of the entries. Therefore please note that by entering this competition, you are agreeing for us to use these photos and videos for promotional purposes.

Have fun and play fair!



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