Why the future value of Alchemy payment system is immeasurable

What is Alchemy Pay?

Alchemy Pay, as the payment consensus protocol system used to create “the world’s most adaptive decentralized (DeFi) encrypted payment ecological infrastructure”, has signed 2 million merchants and more than 3,000 merchants actually use it, which is easy to use and highly adaptable.

Today, with the gradual popularity of encrypted payments, the Alchemy payment system is playing an increasingly important role.

Why is the future value of Alchemy payment system immeasurable?

Because the Alchemy payment system provides a set of feasible solutions for the further popularization of global digital currencies.

By integrating dozens of complex technologies, Alchemy Pay provides a variety of payment technology application solutions that are easy to use, safe, fast, and convenient for all types of developers who need fiat payments.

For example, game developers: SDK that supports mainstream legal currency wallet payment and Crypto payment; RPG blockchain game based on StateChannel.

Wallet developers: With PULLPAY, offline merchants scan the QR code of the user’s wallet with a scanner to directly deduct money; with PULLPAY, users will automatically deduct money from the user’s wallet after a certain deduction (such as a taxi).

DAPP developers: fiat and cryptocurrency payment gateways for various DAPP applications; users directly use Token to pay, without ETH to pay for Gas.

E-commerce platform developers: use AlchemyPlugin/SDK/API to quickly acquire fiat and cryptocurrency.

Payment service developers: quickly have a payment system of its own brand, support global mainstream fiat wallet payment, cryptocurrency payment; based on the AlchemyPay platform, develop applications such as split accounts and local fiat C2C exchange.

Industry application developers: customer loyalty management developers, issue general points based on the Alchemy platform, and support general point consumption and exchange.

Through the integration and continuous innovation of various underlying technologies, Alchemy Pay is outputting the most adaptable Alchemy payment system for developers and ecological partners, and together promoting the continuous implementation and application of encrypted payments.

At present, it has integrated WeChat Pay, Alipay, Visa, Master, Dash, GrabPay, Nets, and other fiat payment systems, and supports mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, BNB, and is compatible with hundreds of fiat wallets such as ImToken and Trust. Reached in-depth business cooperation with Binance, Huobi, Gemini, Celo, Cobo, and other well-known blockchain institutions on a global scale.

What role does the Alchemy payment system play in jointly establishing a fiat payment ecosystem?

1. Through the integration and optimization of technology, the problems of slow fiat payment and excessive exchange rate volatility have been solved, and the feasibility of fiat payment has been technically achieved.

2. Through the combination of cryptocurrency and fiat (users pay fiat, merchants receive fiat), it is customary to enhance the willingness of merchants to accept the fiat.

3. Through the upgrading of the collection unit and the continuous expansion of merchants through important enterprises with core resources, as to create payment scenarios for digital currencies in the world.

Because of this, easy to use and highly adaptable, Shopify (an international e-commerce giant with a market value of more than 120 billion US dollars), Arcadier (a corporate SaaS organization serving more than 130 countries around the world), QFPay Group (more than 1.2 million merchants worldwide) ); Singapore has more than 2500 business courtesy cars located in high-end consumer places such as airports, Universal Studios, and five-star hotels; CeLaVi, the top floor of Singapore Sands Hotel, a global landmark; well-known fashion brand Aldo; Hong Kong main board listed company Pricerite, etc. Access to Alchemy payment system.

With the global development of digital currencies, more and more traditional giants have begun to accept encrypted payments. I believe that the value of the Alchemy payment system will become more and more prominent.

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Website: https://www.alchemytech.io/

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Telegram: https://t.me/alchemy_official

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