Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay’s Deep Ecosystem

A digital crypto wallet is a vital piece of infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem. With the advancement of blockchain technology and rampant success of DeFi, a crypto wallet not only provides the most basic means of transfer and collection, but also often takes on the role of a crypto educator. A crypto wallet is the entry point to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The Alchemy Pay Wallet is a standard wallet to store and transfer digital assets with a focus on security. After the launch of the wallet, Alchemy Pay launched its own token, ACH.

Since its establishment in 2018, Alchemy Pay’s vast experience and technical capabilities made it possible to construct a huge ecological network in just three years. With solid fundamentals in place and a current market value of just over $300 million USD, it may just be the right time to invest in its token.

Alchemy Pay’s Vast Network

As an enterprise-level payment system, Alchemy Pay is the world’s first gateway solution for cryptocurrency and fiat currency hybrid payments that is compatible with all mainstream crypto wallets and payment systems.

The Alchemy Pay wallet provides users with a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing the payer and the payee to understand the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies without needing any specialised learning.

By achieving instant exchange between different fiat and cryptocurrencies, Alchemy Pay provides the foundation for mass adoption of digital finance through the use of cryptocurrencies; with the goal of enabling cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies to operate together.

Because of these advantages Alchemy Pay is compatible in numerous payment industries; offline, online, in-store, e-commerce, entertainment, bulk transactions, supply chain finance, and remittance.

As a result, Alchemy Pay’s wider payment ecosystem supports more than 200 Fiat currencies in over 65 countries.

  • 20 major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, BNB, BUSD, HT, HUSD, GUSD.

ACH is Under Valued and has Considerable Upside

On August 3, 2021, Alchemy Pay’s token ACH launched on Coinbase and increased more than 150 times in price.

ACH are pledged by clients and partners of Alchemy Pay, used as an intermediate settlement currency among token payment networks and functions as the medium for transaction fees. ​​Each transaction requires ACH but merchants and businesses receive ACH incentives for collecting cryptocurrencies at their point of sale within the Alchemy Pay network.

However, Alchemy Pay’s current market capitalisation of around $300 million USD shows it remains undervalued. In comparison, Ripple (XRP), a well known digital asset built for payments, has a market value of $56.2 billion; XLM has a market value of $9.4 billion; $5.51 billion; and CELO has a circulating market value of nearly $2.3 billion.

Based on Alchemy Pay’s market leadership and peer valuations, Alchemy Pay’s market cap has the potential to increase up to 10 fold in the near future.

With the expansion of the Alchemy Pay network, ACH is increasingly playing a crucial role in the global payment ecosystem. Intrinsic value of ACH, as a result, is likely to continue growing sustainably over the long term.

Bridging The Fiat and Crypto Global Economies