Web3 Is A Movement

Karmen Tang, Alchemy Pay CMO

Alchemy Pay CMO Karmen Tang at Singapore Blockchain Week 2022

A New Cultural Direction

Web3 is a movement. This term implies a Web1 and Web2 that came before it. It’s branding for a new era of the internet, with decentralisation, transparency, self-custody and ownership as some of the core beliefs that come with this term.

NFTs: The Key Web3 Technology

NFTs are becoming a cornerstone technology in the blockchain-based creator economy, an emerging ecosystem of monetized content creation, distribution and community built on the blockchain. It empowers creators to build their own micro-economies, with a cycle of value creation among all participants.

Defining the Web3 Audience

The problem and opportunities for brands are that there are now two audience types to cater to:

Steps to Web3 Transition

When thinking about how to transition into web3, here are some key steps:

Start Exploring

The key thing is to start exploring now. Blockchain has brought us opportunities to combat the corporate stranglehold of centrally controlled web platforms. This is a time to explore new possibilities for a more equitable internet, in which new businesses and individuals can emerge. It is up to the incumbent businesses of today to experiment and play so that they too are part of this journey.

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