Vega Integrates Alchemy Pay NFT Checkout for Easy Fiat Purchases

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3 min readFeb 6, 2023

Users of the entertainment 3.0 platform, Vega, can now enjoy more direct purchases of NFT of their favourite talents via Alchemy Pay’s NFT Checkout function. For up and coming projects, such as Vega, this is the first time they have been able to offer their users access with fiat currency in such a direct manner.

The checkout enables Vega users to pay with Singapore local mobile wallets Paynow to purchase votes and Vega NFT collections with thousands of future idols, with more local channels may be added in the future. This is thanks to Alchemy Pay’s network which boasts an impressive 300+ fiat payment channels. With 300+ fiat payment channels, its checkouts are able to go beyond cards and access local mobile wallets.

The checkout also covers the cost of gas fees and purchase, without requiring the user to purchase crypto, making NFTs easy to purchase directly using traditional fiat payment methods. Because the Checkout is easy to integrate, via plugin or API, it is now serving users globally on countless crypto platforms and dApps.

Vega is an Entertainment 3.0 platform aimed to build entertainment more equitable, valuable and decentralized. Holding Vega’s token, the fans can discover, invest, engage with their favorite talents and help to grow their career. The partnership with Alchemy Pay will give Vega’s ecosystem a new level of mainstream-friendly accessibility to both newcomers and experienced users.

Alchemy Pay (ACH) has become a specialist in providing solutions that give crypto and Web3 services access to fiat payments for mainstream accessibility. This collaboration will drive the participation of fans and enthusiasts to accelerate the ecosystem construction of Vega’s entertainment platform.

How to buy NFT on Vega using Alchemy Pay?

Vega NFT Checkout Demo

Step1: Access to Vega Account via (coming soon)and click on the wallet.

Step2: Click Get more votes on the side bar and select the Vega box you wish to purchase. Click Pay with fiat currency to jump to the next step.

Step3: Confirm the Vega NFT and the amount you pay. Click Proceed.

Step4: Choose the payment method you want to pay with. Click Proceed. (Currently you can pay with Paynow)

Step5: Enter your payment details and confirm the information. Click Confirm the Payment.

Step6: Purchase was successful!

About Vega

Vega is an Entertainment 3.0 platform aimed to build entertainment more equitable, valuable and decentralized. Vega Tokenomics lets you discover, invest, and engage with your favorite talent. At Vega, fans can directly access their beloved talents and help them grow their career. Talents can also build a community full of true supporters and benefits from new income sources.

Vega team consists of crypto native engineers, artists and product operation marketers originally from TikTok, iQiYi and JD Finance founding group. Moreover, Vega is backed by top tier investors and partners such as SNZ, Atome, Billboard Live and more.


Twitter: @vegaidol

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