Thetan Rivals, A Thetan Arena Successor Empowers Users with Seamless Crypto Transactions via Alchemy Pay Ramp

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3 min readDec 4, 2023

Thetan Rivals, a casual game developed by Wolffun Game and the successor to the play-to-earn game Thetan Arena, has introduced Alchemy Pay’s On & Off-Ramp on its platform. This integration brings added convenience to users, allowing them to utilize their preferred fiat payment methods to seamlessly acquire $THG, directly fund their wallets, and make in-game purchases. Moreover, users now have the option to convert the tokens they earn in the game back into their desired fiat currencies. This simplifies the process of acquiring $THG and fosters a more engaging gaming experience.

Furthermore, this collaboration extends to the listing of Thetan Arena’s native token, $THG, on Alchemy Pay’s fiat On-Ramp. This means users can now purchase $THG through Alchemy Pay’s ramp service using local fiat currencies.

Thetan Rivals serves as a party royale game and marks the initial phase of the Thetan World ecosystem’s expansion. It shares the Thetan’s IP, featuring characters from Thetan Arena with updated appearances. Boasting delightful maps, diverse game modes, and new skins, Thetan Rivals is set to leverage the popularity of Thetan Arena, attracting millions of global players. This engagement is expected to enhance the utilization of the THG token, promising numerous benefits for the entire community in the future.

Alchemy Pay’s comprehensive payment network, serving as a one-stop solution for fiat-crypto payments, spans across 173 countries and over 300 payment channels. It supports fiat-crypto purchases through various payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, regional mobile wallets, and domestic transfers. The ramp boasts high conversion rates, low fees, and a fast and simple KYC process, making buying and selling crypto with local currencies as easy as any other online payment method. Additionally, through its remittance partners, Alchemy Pay’s ramps facilitate convenient offboarding from crypto to fiat, with the ability to remit funds to bank accounts in over 50 fiat currencies.

Alchemy Pay’s commitment to strict adherence to compliance and regulations is a cornerstone of its payment services. The company has a proven track record of securing key licenses related to payments in numerous countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Lithuania, and Indonesia. The recent acquisition of a Money Services License in Iowa adds further credibility to its payment capabilities. In the conventional sector, Alchemy Pay has earned recognition from major players such as Visa and Mastercard, affirming its status as an authorized third-party service provider.

By partnering with Alchemy Pay, one of the industry’s leading fiat-crypto payment solution providers, Thetan Rivals will be able to attract and easily onboard new users from around the world.

About Thetan Rivals

Thetan Rivals is the ultimate multiplayer knock-out sensation that takes that Party Royale genre to a whole new level! Dive into a whimsical world of 3D cute chibi-style graphics, where 24 players collide in a riotous quest to be the last one standing.

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