Shido Wallet Launched Alchemy Pay’s On and Off Ramp Solution

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The full-stack crypto wallet, Shido, has recently launched its integration with Alchemy Pay’s on and off ramp solution. The integration means users can pay with their preferred fiat payment methods directly to purchase crypto and fund their wallet, and also sell crypto for local fiat currency. With this partnership, Shido’s wallet and ecosystem will become more accessible to both new and experienced users.

Alchemy Pay’s payment gateway supports payments with Visa and MasterCard in 173 nations, multiple domestic transfers, and popular mobile wallets in emerging markets. With high conversion rates, low fees, and fast, simple KYC, the ramp makes buying and selling crypto with domestic local currencies as easy as any other regular online payment.

Shido’s wallet is packed with features that are accessible to users all in one place, including an inbuilt DEX, cross-chain swap, crypto card, NFT gallery, and custom Web3 browser. Its cross-chain DEX aggregates liquidity from over 200 sources across multiple networks, making it easy for users to swap across chains without leaving the wallet. The NFT collectibles can be safely stored and transferred in one place, while the custom Web3 browser enables users to easily search and connect to dApps.

Partnering with Alchemy Pay, one of the industry’s leading fiat-crypto payment solution providers, allows Shido to attract and onboard new users from around the world. Alchemy Pay’s founding team’s experience in traditional finance and fintech payments has enabled it to gain acquirers where its competitors have struggled. With years of crypto experience, Alchemy Pay has formed solid partnerships with major networks and services like Polygon, Avalanche, Algorand, Binance, Arbitrum and Neo.

About Shido

Shido is a combined ecosystem of next-generation DeFi utilities. Consisting of a DeFi Wallet, DEX, Perpetual DEX, fully functioning crypto card and an incoming blockchain, Shido offers every tool needed within DeFi.

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