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4 min readJun 6, 2024


Dear Alchemy Pay Community Members,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Alchemy Pay SVIP Program, designed to honor and reward our dedicated community members like you who actively contribute to our Telegram and Discord communities. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and engagement, and this program is our way of recognizing your valuable contributions.

How does the SVIP Program work?

The SVIP Program is based on an incentive system, where you can earn points or roles by completing various community activities.

Members can participate either on Telegram or Discord, but not both. Qualifiers on Telegram should shift and claim their equivalent roles and rewards on Discord finally.

Let’s take a closer look at how members can unlock this program!

Telegram Point System:

  1. Check-ins: Start by simply checking in to our Telegram communities daily. Each check-in will earn you a specific number of points. 1 point per day. Type “ACHFamily” every day for the check-in!
  2. Active Participation: Engage in meaningful conversations, share your thoughts, and contribute valuable insights to the community discussions. Your active participation in conversations will be rewarded with additional points. 2 points per day. Each conversation must be at least 10 words.
  3. Inviting Friends: Spread the word about Alchemy Pay and invite your friends to join our Telegram and Discord communities. Each new member you bring in will earn you extra points. 2 points per day.
    Generate invitation link by typing “/link”.

The Six Tiers and Rewards:

As you accumulate points, you will progress through six tiers, each with its own set of rewards. Here’s a breakdown of the tiers and what you can expect:

Bronze Tier: 30 Points -> Bronze Role

Silver Tier: 90 Points -> Silver Role + $5 in $ACH

Gold Tier: 180 Points -> Gold Role + $10 in $ACH

Platinum Tier: 270 Points -> Platinum Role + $20 in $ACH

Diamond Tier: 540 Points -> Diamond Role + $50 in $ACH

SVIP Tier: 1080 Points -> SVIP Role + $100 in $ACH

Discord Roles System:

  1. Engagement: Participate in meaningful conversations in the #general channel by sharing your thoughts and contributing valuable insights to community discussions. Your active involvement will be monitored by bots.
  2. Exclusive campaigns: Special campaigns offering SVIP roles as rewards will be held. Stay alert for announcements and join in to participate.
  3. Inviting Friends: To guarantee your SVIP role, each member must invite at least one active friend to our Discord.
  4. 4. You can verify and claim your role here:

The Six Tiers and Rewards:

As you engage with the community, you will advance through six tiers, each offering its own set of rewards. Here’s an overview of the tiers and what you can look forward to:

Bronze Tier -> Bronze Role
- 10 days of engagement

Silver Tier-> Silver Role + $5 in $ACH
- 30 days of engagement
- 30 valid referral

Gold Tier -> Gold Role + $10 in $ACH
- 60 days of engagement
- 60 valid referral

Platinum Tier -> Platinum Role + $20 in $ACH
- 90 days of engagement
- 90 valid referral

Diamond Tier -> Diamond Role + $50 in $ACH
- 180 days of engagement
- 180 valid referral

SVIP Tier -> SVIP Role + $100 in $ACH
- Join Discord at least 1 year
- Have at least 6 OATs
- Finish 10 On/Off Ramp Transactions
- 360 valid referral

What are the Privileges for SVIP Members?

  1. Substantial token rewards and an exclusive community identity.
  2. Increased opportunities and higher incentives for participating in community campaigns.
  3. Faster access to our latest news and announcements.
  4. Private SVIP channels for exclusive communication.

Additional privileges to be unlocked!

How to Participate:

Participating in the Alchemy Pay SVIP Program is easy! Simply join our Telegram and Discord communities, start engaging with fellow community members, and track your points as they accumulate. Regular updates will be shared in the communities to keep you informed about your progress and the rewards you have unlocked.

We encourage you to actively participate in the SVIP Program and be a part of the vibrant Alchemy Pay community. Your contributions not only help shape the future of Alchemy Pay but also connect you with like-minded individuals who share a passion for blockchain and digital payments.

Together, let’s take the Alchemy Pay community to new heights and unlock exciting opportunities on this incredible journey!

If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated community managers are ready to support you. Get ready to embark on this rewarding experience with the Alchemy Pay SVIP Program!



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