IoTeX Introduced Alchemy Pay’s On and Off Ramp On its Platform

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IoTeX, the lightning-fast, ultra-secure, and highly scalable blockchain platform, has collaborated with Alchemy Pay to introduce an efficient solution for on and off-ramp services within the IoTeX ecosystem. By leveraging Alchemy Pay’s plugin, developers and dApps on IoTeX can seamlessly integrate the on and off-ramp functionality, enabling users from across the globe to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their preferred payment methods and local fiat currencies. As part of this collaboration, users will have the ability to directly purchase IoTeX’s native currency, $IOTX, with fiat on Alchemy Pay’s ramp page.

Seamlessly supporting Visa and MasterCard transactions across 173 countries, as well as embracing Apple Pay, Google Pay, diverse domestic transfers, and widely-used mobile wallets in emerging markets, Alchemy Pay ensures a user-friendly payment experience. To further enhance convenience, Alchemy Pay offers an extensive network of over 300 local payment channels. Alchemy Pay’s collaboration with remittance partners also enables effortless transition from cryptocurrencies to fiat, providing remittance capabilities to bank accounts in over 50 fiat currencies.

IoTeX, as a modular Web3 infrastructure platform, connects intelligent devices and real-world data to blockchains, with a vision of empowering individuals to own their data, devices, and identity in a connected world. By leveraging blockchain technology, IoTeX unlocks the potential of smart devices and data, enabling the development of real-world decentralized applications and digital assets. The platform brings real-world data to the blockchain universe, enabling users to earn digital assets based on their real-world actions and data.This partnership between Alchemy Pay and IoTeX will further reinforce IoTeX’s overall strength, attract and onboard a larger base of global users.

About IoTeX

IoTeX is a modular Web3 infrastructure platform connecting intelligent devices and real-world data to blockchains. It aims to integrate Web3 into everyday life through innovations in connected smart vehicles and city mapping, green energy initiatives, super-charged fitness platforms, environmental data tracking, proof-of-presence applications, and more. With the recent launch of W3bstream, the world’s first decentralized off-chain compute framework for smart devices and real-world data, IoTeX leads the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) as an infrastructure provider, enabling vertical innovations for machines, humans, businesses, and dApps to interact with trust and privacy. Backed by a global team of 60+ research scientists and engineers, IoTeX combines blockchain, off-chain compute, and open hardware to connect billions of devices and DApps across the physical and digital world.

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