Gate Pay Partnered with Alchemy Pay to Expand Merchant Integration

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2 min readMar 23, 2023

Gate Pay, the cryptocurrency payment function developed by, the world leading full-service digital asset exchange platform, has partnered with fiat-crypto payment solutions provider Alchemy Pay to bridge crypto and fiat through Gate Pay wallet. The pair will help Gate Pay to integrate Alchemy Pay merchants network such as Allvalue, Instpower, and other major merchants.

Gate Pay is a contactless, borderless, secure crypto payment technology fully developed by At present, Gate Pay supports over 30 cryptocurrencies, while users and merchants can choose their preferred options for making and receiving payments. With the support of Alchemy Pay’s integration, it will serve merchant-based transactions more effectively and satisfy the needs of merchant users who want to receive cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere in the Web 3.0 world. By integrating these merchants, Gate Pay users will have access to enjoy a wider range of products and services.

In 2019, Alchemy Pay launched the world’s first hybrid merchant payment acceptance system that enabled in-store and online merchants to receive cryptocurrency payments from customers. By 2021, its fiat-crypto payment acceptance system had touchpoints with over 2 million merchants in 70+ regions.

Through this collaboration, Gate Pay will be able to leverage Alchemy Pay’s extensive network of merchants. Alchemy Pay merchant networks include Shopify, QFPay, Hong Kong’s Pricerite, Enterprise Marketplace E-commerce Solutions Arcadier, one-page website builder Allvalue, Midwest Global Asia taxi services and more.

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Gate Pay is a secure, free and fast cryptocurrency payment function developed by to meet the Web 3.0 needs of merchants and individual users to pay and receive cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. Users can make crypto payments for any online goods or services in a seamless way by simply scanning the OR code or making Chain Address transfer. Currently, Gate Pay supports over 30 mainstream cryptocurrencies in payments and also enables over 1500 cryptocurrencies in fast convert.

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