ETHDenver Puts Utility, Community & ZK Proofs in Focus for Alchemy Pay’s Fiat-Crypto Payments

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3 min readMar 8, 2023

The past few weeks saw the bringing together crypto’s biggest community at ETHDenver. With utility, community and accessibility at the forefront of the event, this may well turn out to be this year’s most important gathering for smart contract and DeFi developers on Ethereum and beyond. Representatives from Alchemy Pay’s US and European teams were there to meet peers in the fiat-crypto payment space, Web3 platform developers, and also to educate themselves on the latest developments in zero-knowledge proof research.

A highlight of the event for Alchemy Pay was its presentation at Antalpha’s hackerhouse where Ecosystem Lead, Robert McCracken, spoke on the processes of on & off ramp and NFT checkout integrations. The 20+ plus developers working at the house in upper east Denver have been focused on ZK proof development. This is a major area of progress which promises to take crypto utility and usability to the next level. All of Alchemy Pay’s ETHDenver team were in attendance at the hackerhouse in order to explore the possibilities of incorporating ZK proof technology into crypto’s payment gateway sector. It is clear that, in the future, this can have a great impact on KYC processes and user onboarding, although any form of integration with traditional finance and compliance will still hold significant challenges.

Alchemy Pay’s team also found time to meet with many new crypto wallet projects at this year’s packed out WalletCon event. Wallet developers, in particular, are keen to integrate our fiat-crypto onboarding services which can provide them with global payment standards such as Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay, and Apple Pay in 173 countries. Beyond that Alchemy Pay’s peerless support for low cost domestic bank transfers and fiat mobile wallets in Southeast Asia and Latin America was bringing huge interest.

Among other notable events were a networking night co-hosted by OpenSea and Ledger, a Cointelegraph hosted evening, a Polkadot day of presentations and announcements, and Google Cloud’s exclusive VIP party which brought together the CEOs and founders of virtually all major projects in the industry. Alchemy Pay also co-hosted a highly successful evening alongside Bay Area-based Web3 incubator, One Piece Labs, and the leading Layer-1 network, Algorand.

Alchemy Pay’s founding team’s experience in the traditional finance and fintech payments space has given an advantage where competitors have struggled, and our reception at ETHDenver confirmed our credentials in the fiat-crypto space. Visa recently listed Alchemy Pay as an official service provider within its Third Party Agent Program. With years of crypto experience, Alchemy Pay has formed solid partnerships with major networks and services like Polygon, Binance, and Arbitrum. While the team is focused on mainstream friendly payment solutions that connect everyday people to crypto, and ETHDenver showed that the community, utility, and development of the blockchain space is as strong as ever.

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