Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2022: 50% Discount on Crypto Purchases

In celebration of the upcoming World Cup, Alchemy Pay has launched a promotion for our users! New users will be able to receive 50% discounted fees on their first crypto purchase using the Alchemy Pay Fiat-Crypto Ramp Solution. The promotion will be carried out for a limited period with participating crypto platforms & dApps (wallets, exchanges, Web3 infrastructure solutions, and more).

About the Promotion

New users will be able to enjoy a one time 50% discount on Alchemy Pay’s ramp fees on their first order with a project which is running the promotion of our ramp plugin on their platform.

Alchemy Pay has also partnered with notable platforms & dApps across the Web3 space to make our crypto purchases more accessible than ever. Users will be eligible for the promotion on their first order fees.

Participating Platforms and dApps

  • Tokenpocket (Multichain Wallet)
  • Pionex (Digital Asset Exchange with Professional Standard Trading Bots)
  • Lbank (Digital Asset Exchange)
  • ChainUp (Web3 Infrastructure Suite)
  • Bittown.io (Digital Asset Exchange)
  • Particle (Multichain Wallet & Web3 Infrastructure Suite)
  • Upstairs.io (Exclusive NFT marketplace)

World Cup 2022 Promotion: Terms and Conditions

  1. New users can enjoy a 50% discount on the Ramp fees on the first order.
  2. The maximum amount of one order is 2,000 USD (or fiat equivalent to 2,000 USD).
  3. Users can enjoy a 50% discount on Ramp fees when purchasing any cryptocurrency supported by Alchemy Pay.
  4. The 50% discount will apply to any payment method supported by Alchemy Pay for this promotion.
  5. This discount is not to be used in conjunction with any other discount, and the 50% discount order will not be applicable to be payable for any partners’ commission.
  6. If the first payment fails due to network fluctuations or any other non-human fraud, the 50% discount will remain until the first order is purchased successfully.
  7. If there are illegal arbitrage transactions such as malicious swiping, batch registration of multiple accounts, etc, Alchemy Pay will strictly review and ban this account.
  8. If any user or participant of the promotion commits fraud, Alchemy Pay will reserve the right of the company to legally prosecute.
  9. The rights of the final interpretation of this event belongs to Alchemy Pay.

About Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution

Alchemy Pay’s Ramp Solution enables users to buy crypto with their fiat funds by Visa and Mastercard in 173 countries, as well as the option to use popular regional mobile wallets and domestic transfers. This is thanks to Alchemy Pay’s global network of over 300+ fiat payment channels. Mobile wallets have become an ever more popular way for people in certain regions to transact. In Southeast Asia and LATAM, in particular, where millions struggle to get accepted for traditional banking services, these wallets have become ubiquitous.

Alchemy Pay gives access to users in emerging markets like never before. With high conversion rates, low fees, and fast, simple KYC, the ramp makes buying and selling crypto with domestic local currencies as easy as any other regular online payment.

Supporting the Decentralised Web3 Movement

The Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution is a non-custodial payment gateway. Once you have purchased crypto with your local currency funds it is sent directly to your decentralised wallet, or in some cases, directly to the platform you you want to take part. Alchemy Pay does not keep custody of your crypto, we simply allow you to buy it with fiat funds in the easiest way possible!

The Ramp’s offramp capabilities also allows for crypto-to-fiat exchanges and remittances in 27 currencies around the world.

To try out Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution here https://ramp.alchemypay.org/#/ (note: the World Cup 2022 Promotion only applies with our participating partners, not when using Ramp Solution directly on Alchemy Pay website)

About Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway provider that connects cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currency for consumers, businesses, and developers. It makes crypto exchanges and Web3 services highly accessible for users with fiat funds. Alchemy Pay’s ramp solution is integrated with crypto platforms and dApps via a widget or API. ACH is the network’s utility token, available as an ERC20 or BEP20.

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Alchemy Pay (ACH) bridges fiat and crypto global economies through a real-world payment system and mainstream-friendly access to web3 services.