Alchemy Pay’s NFT Checkout Simplifies NFT Purchase with Integrations Including AlipayHK

Alchemy Pay
2 min readFeb 19, 2024

Alchemy Pay, a leading fiat-crypto payment solutions provider based in Singapore, has broadened its payment capabilities by integrating AlipayHK, DANA, QRIS and GCash into its NFT Checkout for users across Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. By supporting these payment channels, Alchemy Pay has brought the convenience of regional payment methods such as AlipayHK to the NFT market, making the direct purchase of NFTs more accessible than ever before. Particularly, this means now users in Hong Kong can conveniently utilize AlipayHK for effortless NFT Purchases.

With these integrations, Alchemy Pay is strengthening its position in the Southeast market by allowing a larger user base to access NFT through their familiar local e-wallets. Among which, the integration with AlipayHK is particularly noteworthy. Given the Hong Kong government’s proactive approach toward the overall crypto industry, Alchemy Pay has strategically positioned itself in this market for the long term. Looking forward to the upcoming months, Alchemy Pay is actively working to secure licenses such as Money Service Operator (MSO) in Hong Kong.

The Alchemy Pay NFT Checkout offers a solution for businesses to effectively sell and accept payments for NFTs using various payment methods. For users, it provides a secure and fast way to purchase NFTs using credit cards, debit cards, and local payment methods with their preferred fiat currencies.

As a leading fiat-crypto payment gateway, Alchemy Pay has an impressive history of obtaining licenses in different countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Lithuania, highlighting its competence and payment abilities in the crypto payment industry. In September and November 2023, it also acquired a Money Transmitter License in Arkansas and a Money Service License in Iowa, the United States. These accomplishments have also earned recognition from major players like Visa and Mastercard, who endorse Alchemy Pay as their official payment service provider.

About Alchemy Pay

Founded in Singapore in 2017, Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway that seamlessly connects crypto with traditional fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and end users.

With its On & Off-Ramp solution, NFT Checkout, Crypto Card and Crypto Payments, Alchemy Pay supports payments in 173 countries.

The Ramp is a one-stop solution to buy and sell crypto and fiat, easily integrated by platforms and dApps according to requirements. The NFT Checkout enables direct purchases of NFTs using fiat payment methods. The Crypto Card solution empowers businesses and token issuers to provide users with branded virtual and physical cards for instant global spending. ACH is the Alchemy Pay network token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay (ACH) bridges fiat and crypto global economies through a real-world payment system and mainstream-friendly access to web3 services.