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6 min readMay 6, 2022

As always, it’s been a busy couple of months at Alchemy Pay. New partnerships with one of crypto’s leading projects, VeChain, and MAP Protocol’s innovative cross-chain operable blockchain, as well as furthering our payment capabilities with the international finance and payment services experts, We have further entered into Australia and New Zealand markets with our GrePay partnership We have shored up our KYC and AML procedures via a partnership with the internationally renowned BASIS ID and we are delighted to report big rises in ACH token holders and Twitter followers. Our support for Shamiri Institute’s mental health research for young Africans is moving on at a great pace. On top of all that, our first sports sponsorship with Real Betis has rewarded us with Spanish football’s premier cup, the Copa del Rey!

Timeline of Recent Developments

Since Alchemy Pay’s partnership with Binance to facilitate the fiat settlement for the Binance Pay payment system, there has been a great deal of progress for Alchemy Pay. Zoom in on the timeline below for some of the major highlights since August 2021.

Developments since August 2021 Partnership

The partnership with will enhance Alchemy Pays card payment rails. will significantly improve Alchemy Pay’s capabilities in helping crypto service providers reach their global audiences through card acceptance at competitive rates. Alchemy Pay will further leverage payment rails for its forthcoming crypto on-ramp services, expected in Q2 2022.

Learn more about the partnership at Cointelegraph

Read an interview with Alchemy Pay’s Robert McCracken (Ecosystem Lead & Communications) on

VeChain Integration

We are working with VeChain to enable them to set up crypto on-ramps which will provide users with direct, mainstream-friendly access. This will promote growth of the VeChain ecosystem. The collaboration also means VeChain’s VET token is now supported by our global merchant network for real-world payments on and offline. VeChain has also joined Polygon, Algorand, Avalanche, among others, as a member of the Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance, founded by Alchemy Pay.

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See VET being used for in-store payments on Alchemy Pay’s crypto payment system on our YouTube channel

ePayments Partnership for Australian and NZ Crypto Payments

Alchemy Pay will leverage ePayments’ NZ and Australian fiat payment channels and provide global crypto service providers with mainstream-friendly access to users in these markets. ePayment’s merchants will be able to manage fiat and crypto transactions.

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GrePay Partnership

Alchemy Pay will leverage GrePay’s 100+ local payment channels that process over 200k transactions per day in key markets such as the United Arab Emirates, India, and Mexico among others. The partnership will provide GrePay-partnered merchants with Alchemy Pay’s crypto payment acceptance system.

Learn more at

BASIS ID Partnership for Global KYC and AML Services

This partnership will leverage BASIS ID for comprehensive, global Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering verifications. BASIS ID verifies over 3000 government-issued documents from more than 190 countries. The services of BASIS ID will promote the global growth of Alchemy Pay by ensuring their payment services remain compliant in all regions of operation.

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John Tan Easter Q&A Update

Alchemy Pay’s CEO, John Tan, took time out from his busy schedule to answer some frequently asked questions and explain about Alchemy Pay’s recent developments and forthcoming plans.

Watch the Q&A on Alchemy Pay’s YouTube channel

MAP Protocol Partnership

MAP Protocol will integrate Alchemy Pay’s crypto on-ramps and fiat payment channels to enable easy and direct onboarding to MAP’s multi-layered, cross-chain operable blockchain for developers. This will support developers who are building and running platforms on the MAP blockchain. MAP Protocol has also joined Polygon, Algorand, Avalanche, among others, as a member of the Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance, founded by Alchemy Pay.

Learn more at Yahoo Finance

New ACH Listings

Alchemy Pay’s utility token, ACH has received new listings on the following exchanges Bithumb, Bybit, Bitmart, DigiFinex, StealthEX. Bybit is now offering its users ACH with perpetual contracts.

Read about the ACH token on Bybit

Alchemy Pay Supports Shamiri Institute’s Mental Health Cause in Africa

This partnership with Shamiri is Alchemy Pay’s first corporate social responsibility initiative. Shamiri Institute is a Harvard-backed project that is undertaking ground-breaking research into mental health. The institute’s work aims to provide vital support for Africa’s youth and could have a huge global impact on the wider scientific community. Alchemy Pay’s donation is being used to provide wearable electronic devices to collect bio data from young adults.

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Young Africans will benefit from Shamiri Institute’s research into mental health

Alchemy Pay-Sponsored Real Betis Wins the Spanish Cup

Alchemy Pay is an official sponsoring partner of Real Betis, one of Spain’s longest running and most illustrious football teams. This April, the team lifted the Copa del Rey following a thrilling last-minute victory over Valencia. This is Alchemy Pay’s first foray into sports sponsorship which has been a big movement in the crypto industry over the past 12 months.

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ACH Holders

The number of wallet addresses holding the ACH token has increased by 129% between December 2021 and March 2022. The total number of ACH holders as of the end of March this year was 29,494. This has been driven in a significant way by ACH’s availability on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a BEP20 token. This became possible in January via Multichain’s cross-chain router protocol. As of the end of March 2022, the number of wallet addresses holding ACH as an ERC20 token was 13,918 and as a BEP20 token was 15,576.

Twitter Community

As another demonstration of the support and following that Alchemy Pay has, the number of Twitter followers has seen a major increase over the course of Q1 this year. The number of followers has risen from 71k in Jan 2021 to 129k by the end of March 2022.

Karmen Tang on Neo Panel Discussion

Alchemy Pay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Karmen Tang, shared her thoughts on the future of web3 on Neo’s panel discussion, alongside Alex Borutsky of iMe Labs and Benson Yan of OKX Blockdream Ventures. Karmen expanded upon Alchemy Pay’s forthcoming crypto on-ramps and the accessibility they will bring to web3 platforms.

Watch NEO’s panel discussion on YouTube

John Tan and Robert McCracken on Huobi Live

Huobi Global, one of world’s largest exchanges, invited Alchemy Pay’s John Tan (CEO) and Robert McCracken (Ecosystem Lead & Communications) to speak on their Huobi Live sessions. Huobi Live is a well known and highly respected series within the crypto industry and the session covered such topics as the digital payment space and challenges of accessibility from fiat currency to the crypto economy.

Watch the Huobi Live session on YouTube

Thanks for following our progress!

In the coming months, we will have a number of announcements of key partnerships within the crypto and payments industries as well as coverage of Alchemy Pay’s solutions in operation. An entirely new website is also on the way that will illuminate newcomers and community members about our payment solutions and we look forward to delivering a workshop at the Consensus 2022 Conference in Austin, Texas in June.



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