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July and August may have seen sideways movement in the crypto market but we have been integrating our on & off ramp plugin with great success. BeFI, SWFT, YIBI, XWorld Games, and iNFTspace have been among the early adopters where the ramps are now live and can be tried. We also provided fiat-to-crypto payment support for We Are SG’s successful NFT collection to celebrate Singapore National Day. We continue to support Binance Pay for Instpower crypto payments, adding new locations in Japan.

Our merchant crypto acceptance system has recently onboarded the AllValue e-commerce platform, giving access to an additional 32,000 new merchants. LOOKS token is also now supported by Alchemy Pay for real-world spending with over 2 million merchants in 70+ countries.

ACH was listed on Binance US, Bittrex, and the App and ACH staking is still available on Binance, the world’s largest exchange.

BeFi Wallet Integrates Alchemy Pay Ramps

Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto on/off ramps will be integrated into BeFi Wallet DAO’s wallet to allow users to deposit funds directly with fiat payments and also enable the exchange of crypto to fiat with remittance to users’ bank accounts. BeFi Wallet DAO provides a secure multi-chain wallet for participation in any web3 Dapps, such as DeFi protocols and NFTs.

X World Games Fiat Payment Rails and XWG Support

XWorld Games utilises Alchemy Pay’s fiat payment rails to allow their crypto and web3 services to be accessible through fiat payment methods such as debit and credit cards. They will also be able to offer their native token, $XWG, as a valid payment option to the various retailers partnered with Alchemy Pay. And now announcing XWorld Games Partnership with AlchemyPay.

Binance Pay and Instpower Partnership in Japan

Alchemy Pay facilitates the use of Binance Pay for payment on Instpower powerbanks in Japan. We are now powering crypto payments for powerbanks in Minato Mirai Metro station, Landmark Plaza, MARK, and the Royal Park Hotel in Yokohama, among other locations.

iNFT Marketplace Integrates Ramp Solution

Users of the fast-growing NFT marketplace, iNFTSpace, can now enjoy more direct purchases of digital artworks via Alchemy Pay’s fiat-to-crypto gateway plugin. This on/off ramp enables iNFTspace users to pay with their Visa and Mastercards but they can also choose to use local mobile wallets and domestic transfers to purchase NFTs.

SWFT Blockchain: Ramp Integration

SWFT Integrates Alchemy Pay’s crypto payment ramp plugin for easy onboarding via fiat payments. SWFT Blockchain’s Wallet App is available on App Store/Google Play and has a cross-chain swap function, as well as additional functions like social media, aggregated transactions, group investment, and mining pools. Combining blockchain and AI technology, it supports all major public chains, including BTC, ETH, Polygon, Arbitrum, Polkadot , BSC, Heco, Solana, Terra, Fantom, Tron, OkexChain, XRP, and over 400 cryptocurrencies.

Mercuryo Partnership

Mercuryo’s Aviessa Khoo and our CEO John Tan discussed the challenges of integrating crypto and traditional finance. Alchemy Pay is now using Mercuryo’s API for its ramp solution — a plugin that enables users to make fiat-crypto exchanges and remittances.

ACH New Listings

ACH token was newly listed on a number of exchanges including app, Binance US, Bittrex US and Global. Coinbase exchange added limit-only orders on ACH. ACH was added to Margin Trading on as a leveraged pair.

ACH Trading

ACH rose 40+% in a day on 20.07.22 and made the Top Movers list on many sites. ACH was a Top 10 Traded Token in 100 #BNBCHAIN Whales

ACH Holders

Despite the downturn in the crypto market, ACH still saw a growth in holders from 31,959 to 33,799 over the past two months. This represents a 5.75% growth in wallet addresses with ACH on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

ACH Staking

Staking is still available Binance. Currently ACH can be staked for 30% estimated APR.

@WeAreSG_NFT Collection Launch on National Day: Ramp integration

Alchemy Pay was the official fiat -to-crypto ramp solution provider to enable users to pay Ethereum gas fees using local currency funds. The payment solution was a big success and the entire NFT collection was minted in celebration of Singapore National Day.

YIBI Digital Asset Exchange Partners with Alchemy Pay

YIBI exchange launches Alchemy Pay’s payment ramp to support deposits with Visa and Mastercard, as well as popular local fiat mobile wallets. Easy access to crypto, NFTs, and Web3 services via YIBI.

AllValue Integration Live

Alchemy Pay is providing a third party merchant network payment system that enables online and in-store merchants on the AllValue platform to accept crypto in a ‘hands-off’ manner. AllValue has a network of 32,000 merchants who can now accept crypto payments from customers.

LooksRare Partnership

LOOKS token supported by Alchemy Pay for real-world spending with 2+million merchants in 70 countries.

Binance Telegram AMA with John Tan

Our CEO, John Tan, guested on Binance exchange’s main Telegram AMA to discuss Alchemy Pay’s partnership with Binance Pay.

Alchemy Pay at Singapore Blockchain Week 2022

Alchemy Pay attended the event. CMO, Karmen Tang, joined a panel discussion alongside Megan Li (Regtank), Rohan Juneja (Fireblocks), Travis Teo (Tokenize Xchange), and Yuen Wong (LABS Group) to discuss how businesses and brands can transition from web2 to web3.

Web 3 Wednesdays Ep7 & 8

Web3 Wednesdays is a series of short video interviews with industry experts that seeks to define and understand the concepts of Web3.

Episode 7: Jivan Tulsiani, TZ APAC Head of Marketing

Episode 8: Hunn Wai, Web3 Designer at Lanzavecchia+Wai

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