Alchemy Pay Now Provides Seamless Ramp Solution on AltLayer as Ecosystem Partner

Alchemy Pay
3 min readMay 30, 2024


Alchemy Pay, the leading fiat-crypto payment gateway, has partnered with AltLayer, an open and decentralized protocol to launch native and restaked rollup stacks, to provide an efficient On and Off-Ramp solution within its ecosystem.

Developers and dApps on the platform can easily incorporate the On and Off-Ramp solution through Alchemy Pay’s plugin. This enables users globally to buy and sell crypto effortlessly, using their preferred payment methods and wide range of local fiat currencies.

AltLayer is a leading rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) and the pioneer of restaked rollups.

The latter leverages AltLayer’s proprietary technology and combines it with EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism to make roll ups more decentralized, secure, interoperable, and efficient.

Through this partnership, Alchemy Pay and AltLayer are teaming up to further explore blockchain technology, aiming for mass adoption with tailored rollup solutions and efficient On and Off-Ramp services.

Alchemy Pay’s payment gateway enables Visa and Mastercard payments across 173 countries, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, various domestic transfers, and popular mobile wallets in emerging markets. With its robust support for more than 300 local payment channels, the gateway ensures high conversion rates, low fees, and streamlined KYC processes, aiding AltLayer in extending its global reach.

Significantly, Alchemy Pay has obtained numerous licenses associated with payment services in various countries including the UK, United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Lithuania. Demonstrating its legitimacy in the traditional payments space, Alchemy Pay has been recognized by Visa and Mastercard as an authorized third-party service provider. Its commitment to adhering to compliance and regulatory standards establishes it as a reliable fiat-crypto payment gateway, facilitating smooth transactions for both individual users and business partners.

About AltLayer

AltLayer is an open and decentralized protocol which accelerates the launch of rollups with optimistic and ZK rollup stacks. Its flagship product ‘restaked rollups’ has been an industry disruptor, unlocking the true value of rollups with enhanced security, decentralization, fast finality, and interoperability.

AltLayer’s restaked rollups consist of three vertically-integrated ‘Actively Validated Services’ (AVS) titled MACH, VITAL, and SQUAD. These products leverage the permissionless nature of rollup stacks, and the principle of restaking, which allows networks to borrow economic security from Ethereum.

Built atop its protocol is a multi-chain, multi-VM compatible Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) launcher, a hassle-free platform allowing developers and beginners to spin up a customized rollup within 2 minutes!

Together, these products form the bedrock of a modular blockchain ecosystem — home to hundreds of thousands of rollups that can accelerate scaling for any Web3 application. Industries spanning the NFT sector, Web3 gaming, DeFi, real-world asset tokenization, and others leverage these rollups to scale their applications.

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