Alchemy Pay Launches Crypto Card Service for Easy Spending of Crypto Assets

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5 min readJun 29, 2023

As more people turn to crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the need for easy and secure ways to use these assets for everyday transactions has grown. This is where crypto virtual cards come in. As a way to make online purchases without the need of having a physical card, these cards work just like traditional virtual cards, but with the added benefit of allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere that accepts traditional debit or credit cards.

A crypto virtual card is linked to a user’s cryptocurrency wallet, allowing them to convert their crypto holdings into traditional fiat currencies for purchases. This makes it easy to use digital currencies for online shopping or other transactions, without the hassle of having to exchange them for fiat currency first. With the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies, crypto virtual cards have become increasingly popular as an essential tool for those who want to seamlessly integrate their digital assets into their daily lives.

What’s Alchemy Pay Crypto Card

Alchemy Pay’s crypto card service is a crypto bank card solution that enables non-bank partners to launch their own branded and customized crypto Visa and Mastercard. Using Alchemy Pay’s modular API interface, partners can leverage the existing compliance infrastructure and payment capabilities to offer their customers a seamless payment experience. This solution enables users to spend their cryptocurrency online and offline, anytime and anywhere.

Virtual cards, unlike traditional debit/credit cards, offer a convenient and flexible payment solution that eliminates the need for a physical card. The Alchemy Pay crypto cards can be used instantly without the hassle of a lengthy bank application process. In addition, the crypto cards can be used with temporary or anonymous account information, providing users with added privacy and security. With the Alchemy Pay crypto card, users can quickly and easily top up their balance using a variety of cryptocurrencies.

The Alchemy Pay crypto card is a prepaid card denominated in US dollars, and is currently available in both Standard and Lite card versions. It supports a range of fiat and cryptocurrency currencies, including USD as the fiat currency and USDT, USDC, BTC, and ETH as the default supported cryptocurrencies. In addition to the default currencies, this Crypto Card service can also support customized tokens based on the specific requirements of its partners. This Crypto Card Solution, tailored specifically for businesses, empowers them to provide their users with branded virtual and physical cards, which enable instant global shopping and can be easily topped up with mainstream tokens.

Why Alchemy Pay Crypto Card

The introduction of a crypto card service offers significant benefits to both Web3 projects, companies, and their customers. Alchemy Pay, a prominent provider of payment solutions, has been leading the way in the crypto payment industry by combining blockchain technology with traditional fin-tech expertise to offer fast, secure, and cost-effective cross-border transactions. With its extensive experience in this field, Alchemy Pay is committed to providing top-notch payment services to its partners.

  • Offering Tailored Crypto Card Solution for Web3 Companies with User-Friendly Experience

One significant advantage is that the crypto card service is specially developed for projects and companies while being user-end friendly. This means that companies can have a tailored solution that fits their specific needs while ensuring that the end-users can easily use the card and understand the process.

  • Providing Compliance and High Security for All Transactions

Alchemy Pay’s crypto card service ensures compliance and high security. With widely obtained licenses and certifications around the world, the service strictly follows the requirements of relevant laws and regulations to fit in the regulatory frameworks and prevent potential financial risks.

  • Empowering Tokens and Crypto to Build Strong Communities

Alchemy Pay crypto card service aims to empower tokens to link communities and users. This feature is especially valuable for projects and companies that are looking to build a strong community around their cryptocurrency or token. By providing a crypto card service that enables users to spend tokens in multiple scenarios, it adds utilities and encourages the adoption of the token and helps to build a strong community around it.

  • Clear Management Backend for Tracking with Transparency and Ease

Alchemy Pay has an easy-to-use backend management system which displays a summary of expenses, transaction receipts and instant notifications in real time. Partners can check billing details and track user activity in the management system without having to wait for month-end billing. By providing a clear management backend, companies can easily manage their financial operations while focusing on their core business activities.

  • Enabling Your Users to Spend Tokens Anytime, Anywhere, in Multiple Scenarios

The crypto card service supports end-users to spend crypto like fiat currency anytime, anywhere, across multiple scenarios and with their preferred brands. This means that end-users can use their cryptocurrency or token to make purchases, whether online or offline, which provides flexibility and convenience.

Commissions and fees

At Alchemy Pay, users have the option to choose between two types of crypto cards — Lite and Standard. These cards come with different requirements of KYC, application fees and monthly limits, but there are no additional or monthly charges involved. For detailed information on the rates, please reach out to our team for further information.

How to Apply and Activate Alchemy Pay Crypto Card

Getting your Alchemy Pay crypto card is a breeze with just four simple steps. First, complete your registration by verifying your email address. Next, select your preferred card type and fill in your name. Then, top up your card with at least 10 USD using any token of your choice. Finally, activate your card and start shopping immediately. With Alchemy Pay’s straightforward process, getting your crypto card has never been easier.

Contact Us for Your Customized Crypto Card Solution

Consider the usefulness of tokens that can be used as regular fiat currency. By taking advantage of this service, you can build stronger connections with your community. For a more detailed introduction to Alchemy Pay’s crypto card, please visit:

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