Alchemy Pay Enables Phygital Collection Purchases on Another-1 with NFT Checkout

Alchemy Pay
3 min readMay 31, 2024


Alchemy Pay, the leading crypto payment solutions provider, now enables users to purchase physical-digital blended fashion collections on the Another-1 platform, a Web3 phygital fashion platform built on Polygon, using its NFT Checkout solution.

With this integration, Users who seek to mint and acquire phygital assets now have the convenience of using their preferred fiat payment methods, which significantly improves the user experience by eliminating the complexities often associated with inconvenient cryptocurrency transactions.

Another-1 stands at the forefront of this phygital fashion revolution, offering cutting-edge technology solutions for an immersive experience boosting interaction between consumers and brands. Through a comprehensive platform, Another-1 provides users with access to a realm where fashion meets function, allowing them to unlock exclusive content, rewards, and experiences in the physical and digital world. The Another-1 phygital shop has launched a series of fashion collections, featuring the world’s first phygital sneakers, phygital in-game assets, high-fashion collaborations, and street artist partnerships.

Alchemy Pay remains committed to its fundamental mission to bridge the fiat and crypto global economies. Beyond NFT Checkout, its On and Off-ramp offerings operate a comprehensive network of over 300 payment channels that span across 173 countries and regions. Through its payment capabilities, Alchemy Pay ensures widespread accessibility for acquiring cryptocurrencies, facilitated by a diverse range of payment methods. These methods include conventional options such as Visa and Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as localized mobile wallets and domestic transfers. Consequently, Alchemy Pay is able to truly onboard more users through its NFT Checkout and On and Off-Ramp solutions.

Demonstrating its credibility in the traditional payment sphere, both Visa and Mastercard have enlisted Alchemy Pay as an authorized third-party service provider. The company also diligently seeks and obtains licenses related to payment and financial services to cater effectively to users across diverse countries and regions, successfully securing licenses across the UK, the United States, Indonesia, Lithuania, and Canada. These proactive efforts ensure heightened regulatory adherence and security, and further solidifies its standing on the global stage.

About Another-1

Another-1 is your ultimate web3 phygital fashion platform built on Polygon. Seamlessly integrate physical and digital fashion worlds through our platform where users can create, collect and experience phygital fashion backed by NFC-authenticated physical goods.

Another-1 serves as a one-stop shop for a new transcending asset class that merges realities to create a dynamic ecosystem of hype beasts, designers, brands, retailers, and gaming projects.

For more information on Another-1, visit our website and follow us on X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Alchemy Pay (ACH) bridges fiat and crypto global economies through a real-world payment system and mainstream-friendly access to web3 services.