Alchemy Pay Empowers Fastex Exchange to Launch its Virtual Crypto Card

Alchemy Pay
3 min readFeb 19, 2024

Alchemy Pay, a leading fiat-crypto payment service provider, has introduced its Crypto Card Issuance Solution to empower Fastex Exchange in launching a customized prepaid virtual crypto card. This offering provides Fastex the flexibility to design tailor-made crypto cards for their users, and now users can effortlessly apply and order a Mastercard or Visa-based virtual card through Fastex’s website.

The card supports the recharge of preferred cryptocurrencies, including USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, and FTN coin. This virtual card is accepted on various platforms that accept Mastercard or Visa, including popular services like OpenAI API, Netflix, and Amazon.

In this partnership, Alchemy Pay leverages its technical and security capabilities to assist Fastex Exchange in the card issuance procedure. Utilizing Alchemy Pay’s modular API and its sophisticated payment infrastructure, Fastex Exchange can enable a swift, secure, and user-friendly crypto payment experience for their users without the reliance on physical cards or cash. The integration of this cutting-edge payment solution underscores the dedication to improving the accessibility and security of crypto transactions within the Fastex Exchange platform.

Fastex provides a comprehensive Web3.0-driven ecosystem, featuring an all-encompassing product lineup that includes the Fastex Exchange, Fastexverse, ftNFT marketplace, and more. This newly launched Crypto Card is a clear demonstration of its dedication to making Web3 technologies more accessible.

With a presence in 173 countries, an extensive network of over 300 payment channels, and acceptance of 50+ fiat currencies, Alchemy Pay is leveraging its payment industry expertise to enter its newly launched crypto card business. Backed by global licenses and certifications, the crypto card issuance solution meticulously adheres to legal requirements, aligning with regulatory frameworks to mitigate financial risks.

Thus far, Alchemy Pay has achieved a variety of licenses in numerous countries and regions, encompassing the United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Lithuania, including recent acquisitions of Money Transmitter Licenses in Arkansas and Iowa, United States. Recognized for its credibility, Alchemy Pay has also earned acknowledgment from traditional payment giant Visa and Mastercard as an authorized third-party service provider.

About Fastex Exchange

Fastex Exchange, a centralised cryptocurrency exchange (CEX), is known for its professional trading platform, top-notch customer service and multilingual support. It’s designed to cater to all types of cryptocurrency traders, irrespective of their experience level. The platform offers trading options like market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders, and peer-to-peer transactions.

The user-friendly Fastex App puts extensive trading capabilities in your pocket for on-the-go users, enabling trading anytime, anywhere. The robust Fastex Wallet is compatible with Bahamut and Ethereum blockchains.

Fastex Exchange prioritises user security, safeguarding funds and data through advanced measures like multi-factor authentication and SSL encryption. Having received initial approvals from VARA of Dubai, UAE, Fastex is now eyeing the VATP licence in Hong Kong, further strengthening its credibility in the crypto marketplace.

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Developers of Web3 platforms, and dApps with interest in integrating Alchemy Pay’s Crypto Card Solution can contact via the website

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