Alchemy Pay Empowers Bit.Store to Introduce KYC-Free Virtual Crypto Card

Alchemy Pay
3 min readNov 23, 2023

Alchemy Pay, the world-leading fiat-crypto payment service provider, has introduced its Crypto Card Issuance Solution to empower Bit.Store in launching a KYC-free virtual crypto card — specifically, a Mastercard prepaid card. In this collaboration, Alchemy Pay extends its expertise to Bit.Store by offering technical and security support in the card issuance process. This ensures that Bit.Store users can enjoy a secure and seamless payment experience when utilizing crypto cards. The introduction of this innovative payment solution reflects a commitment to enhancing the accessibility and safety of crypto transactions within the Bit.Store platform.

Utilizing Alchemy Pay’s modular API, partners in business can harness its advanced payment infrastructure to provide a rapid, secure, and user-friendly payment experience for their customers. This innovative solution empowers users to conduct both online and offline transactions seamlessly without the necessity for using cash or physical cards. The integration of Alchemy Pay’s advanced API not only facilitates efficient digital payments but also aligns with the evolving landscape of modern financial transactions, enhancing the overall convenience and accessibility for users.

Bit.Store seeks to simplify crypto spending through the provision of both virtual and physical cards, seamlessly converting assets for everyday use while prioritizing user privacy and offering crypto earnings with rewards. Powered by Alchemy Pay, the Bit.Store Virtual Crypto Card boasts several notable features. Firstly, it simplifies the user experience by eliminating the intricate KYC requirements, allowing for card activation through a straightforward account registration process, ensuring enhanced privacy and security. Moreover, the Bit.Store Virtual Crypto Card stands out with its absence of issuing fees, inactivity fees, annual fees, and no purchase fees for transactions up to $10,000. Featuring multi-card BINs, it provides users with exceptional flexibility for various scenarios, and the card is applicable across a wide range of online and offline scenes such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, ChatGPT and ebay, etc. This comprehensive approach aims to make cryptocurrency usage more accessible, cost-effective, and adaptable to diverse user needs.

The success of Alchemy Pay in ensuring compliance and the team’s extensive experience in the payments and fintech industry form the foundation of its card issuance operations. Alchemy Pay’s strict adherence to compliance and regulation standards establishes a secure payments infrastructure, serving as a cornerstone for trusted partnerships with business partners like Bit.Store. Notably, Alchemy Pay’s credibility extends into the traditional payment sector, as both Visa and Mastercard have recognized it as an authorized third-party service provider. Moreover, Alchemy Pay’s impressive array of licensing achievements across diverse countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Lithuania, further solidifies its prominent position in the cryptocurrency payment landscape and the evolving payment ecosystem.

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