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Headline News

Enriched Roadmap for Q3 & Q4 2023

This more comprehensive roadmap unveils several new directions we’ll undertake in Q3 and Q4 for each aspect of our services, all aimed at propelling our company to new heights. Come aboard as we embark on this journey, navigating through our existing products, digital bank accounts, new offerings and compliance details within this article. Together, let’s make the next five months a period of growth, success, and lasting impact!

On & Off Ramp, Crypto Card, NFT Checkout Integrations

Alchemy Pay and YouSUI Partners for Seamless Fiat-Crypto Ramp Services

Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto On-ramp has been integrated into YouSUI’s platform to allow users to make direct fiat to crypto purchases with local fiat currencies and multiple payment methods. The Off-ramp solution has gone live on its platform as well, which facilitates the effortless selling of crypto assets and remit funds to bank accounts in over 50 fiat currencies. Through this integration, YouSUI will leverage Alchemy Pay’s ramp services, bringing the next level of convenience to access digital assets for a wider audience worldwide.

TrueUSD Integrates Alchemy Pay to Enable Crypto Purchases via Fiat Payments

Alchemy Pay has partnered with TrueUSD, the highly transparent stablecoin fully backed by USD to offer its On-Ramp solution. TUSD is now accessible through Alchemy Pay’s On-Ramp for direct purchases, enabling users to buy TUSD directly from Alchemy Pay’s Ramp page. This integration facilitates a seamless onboarding process for users to enter the TrueUSD ecosystem by acquiring TUSD using fiat currencies from 173 countries. To celebrate we also ran a contest where entrants could win $750 TUSD.

Dragonfly Wallet Launches On & Off-Ramp Service

Developed by EquityPay, the Dragonfly wallet has integrated AlchemyPay’s On & Off-Ramp solution. This integration enables users to seamlessly transfer between crypto and fiat without the need for complex and time-consuming processes.

Tikki Integrates Alchemy Pay’s NFT Checkout and Crypto Payments for NFT Purchases

Alchemy Pay’s NFT Checkout and Crypto Payments services to facilitate NFT purchases. With NFT Checkout, users can conveniently utilise local fiat to acquire NFTs using credit and debit cards, along with local payment methods — similar to standard e-commerce transactions. Additionally, Alchemy Pay facilitates Crypto Payments, enabling Tikki to accept cryptocurrency for transactions. This dual approach empowers users to select either crypto or fiat when purchasing NFTs on Tikki’s platform. Watch here.

Fastex Exchange Integrates Alchemy Pay’s Fiat-Crypto Payment Services for Easy Access Purchases

Crypto exchange Fastex has gone live with the Alchemy Pay fiat-crypto On-ramp solution on its platform. Alchemy Pay’s payment ramp supports fiat deposits with Visa and MasterCard, as well as numerous popular fiat mobile wallets in emerging markets. The Integration brings easy access via local currencies to crypto natives and crypto newcomers, and it means users can pay with their preferred fiat payment methods directly to buy crypto and fund their account in the Fastex exchange. The upcoming launch of the Off-ramp solution will enhance user experience by allowing them to effortlessly convert their crypto assets into local fiat currency.

BYDFi Integrates Alchemy Pay’s On and Off-Ramp Solution

With the increasing adoption of digital currencies and the rapid development of the global digital payment market, BYDFi Cryptocurrency Exchange is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Alchemy Pay. Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway company that offers seamless payment services connecting cryptocurrencies and global fiat currencies. The collaboration between BYDFi and Alchemy Pay enhances BYDFi’s payment channels, providing users from various countries with a smooth trading experience.

USDD Integrates On & Off-ramps

Users can easily access $USDD through its on-ramp service using their local fiat currencies and traditional payment methods via Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto gateway service. Decentralized USD is the first over-collateralized, decentralized stablecoin transparent and fully backed by mainstream digital assets at all times. Try it on our platform:


New Services & Capabilities: How Alchemy Pay’s Payment Services Evolved in Q1 & Q2

Take a look at the progress we made in Q1&Q2! New features include Google Pay & Apple Pay, Discover & Diners Club cards support, local payment channels from around the globe, and our ground-breaking white label Crypto Card for Web3 businesses.

PayPal & Alchemy Pay: A Comparison of Payment Services

As PayPal debuted its dollar-pegged stablecoin $PYUSD, more people are expected to embrace crypto as the payment infrastructure matures. With the spotlight on the crypto payment industry we thought it was a good time to compare the crypto services of PayPal and Alchemy Pay. Further reading can be found on the Alchemy Pay website.

$ACH Community & News

$ACH Trading Competition on Binance TR

The Trade Champions contest started for users on Binance TR. Join the trading competition now to share the 50,000 USDT prize pool and reach the highest trading volume. Double your volume by trading $ACH.

Winners Announced: Alchemy Pay Telegram Invite Contest

Attention to all Alchemy Pay’s community members. Alchemy Pay launched a Telegram invitation event for everyone last month and the winners have been announced. It ran between 3 July — 31 July with a total prize pool of 500U $ACH shared by 10 winners. Join our Telegram channel at:

Alchemy Pay Roadmap Quiz

We welcomed everyone to join our Roadmap Quiz to learn more about Alchemy Pay and how we push forward in the crypto payment industry. 10 people who answered all the questions correctly shared the prize pool of 300U $ACH. The event was hosted on QuestN and Galxe.

Community Connected Campaign

A chance mint your OAT on the Galxe platform and join us for an amazing opportunity! This month, we brought you the charming Indonesia. Participate in our special events, and the higher OAT you mint, the higher your chances of winning in our raffles.

Offline & Online Events

Token 2049 Singapore: Visit Alchemy Pay’s Booth

Calling all attendees of Token2049 Singapore! AlchemyPay invites you to visit our booth at P24. Join us at Marina Bay Sands on Sept 13–14, 2023, and let’s discuss the future of crypto and fintech. See you there! Watch the excitement of last year’s event on Alchemy Pay YouTube

NEO APAC Hackathon

Join us at the Neo APAC Hackathon in Singapore, just prior to the Token 2049 event. Our Ecosystem Lead, Robert McCracken, will be a panelist and judge on the 9th and 10th September there. This is a stage for Web3 developers to show what they can do and receive part of the $1M funding on offer!

Istanbul Blockchain Week

Our recent visit to Istanbul Blockchain Week took our fiat-crypto gateway payments to where they are most crucially needed. As Turkey struggles with record inflation, crypto is becoming more accessible via our on-ramp checkout that facilitates easy domestic bank transfers — a bridge to stablecoins that track the price of the US dollar. Among the highlights of Istanbul Blockchain Week was the panel discussion “Revolutionizing Crypto Finance: Ensuring Trust, Transparency and Liquidity” with Alchemy Pay’s Ecosystem Lead, Robert McCracken.

Benzinga X Space with Tron and Ethereum

Benzinga’s Open Mic #57 was titled “Interoperability for Global Use Cases” and brought together members of Alchemy Pay, Tron and Ethereum.

Bitget Wallet Rebranding Celebration X Space

To celebrate the rebranding and relaunch of the Bitget wallet (formerly BitKeep), Bitget hosted an AMA: “Revolutionizing Wallets and Beyond”. As their on-ramp provider, Alchemy Pay joined Orbiter Finance, Shardeum, Icecreamswap, SpaceID, WOO, Klaytn, Cronos, Pendle, QuestN, LidoFinance, BNB Chain, Cointelegraph, CoinDesk. Listen back.

Telegram Community Gaming Event

Community members from our Telegram group joined the Alchemy Pay gaming event to embark on a thrilling gaming experience with the game and aim for the top to win a share of 2500 $ACH.

ACH Community AMA

In our monthly AMA, our Community Manager, Vincent Cheng, answers your questions about Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto payment gateway and token on Discord.

Huobi Voice AMA

Alchemy Pay spokesperson, Robert McCracken, answered questions from both the Huobi and ACH community during a live voice AMA session on Huobi’s Telegram channel.

Dfinity, Yumi, Alchemy Pay X Space: Digital Assets & Tokenisation on ICP

Alchemy Pay recently added its On-ramp service to Yumi’s NFT Marketplace, which is built on Dfinity’s Internet Computer blockchain. As all three projects are in strong growth phases, this was a chance to hear more about them! Listen back to the discussion on Alchemy Pay’s X profile.

Ignite Stanford with with Dino & Hedera & OKX & Zetachain & BAF

​This Stanford event was co-hosted by Dino, Hedera, OKX, Zetachain and BAF and sponsored by Alchemy Pay, NEAR Protocol, One piece lab, Shardeum and Babylon. The guests and panelists spoke on the topics of easy onboarding for new users and on the future of Web3 investing.

Alchemy Pay Guest on WhiteBit Interview

Ecosystem Lead, Robert McCracken, guested on WhiteBit exchange’s lively AMA interview and explained recent progress and upcoming developments.

True USD Guest on Alchemy Pay Discord

An exclusive Community Q&A with $TUSD Ambassadors. True USD is one of the largest and newest stablecoins on the scene. To make sure you don’t miss the next AMA, join:

Web3 & AI Hackfest

Keynote speakers for this session included LP Bussell, a seasoned expert in the blockchain space with an extensive knowledge of Web3, a member of Gameta and Robert McCraken from Alchemy Pay, who shared insights on the integration of NFTs and Web3 in the payment processing industry. An opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and gain a deeper understanding of NFTs.

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