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Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance has announced its investment in Bit.Store which just launched its $STORE token IEO on Huobi Global.

As a key founding member of BIA, the alliance will award Alchemy Pay’s community the chance to participate in an airdrop of 1,000,000 $STORE tokens!

To participate, simply:

A total of 1,000 randomly selected winners will receive either 300 or 100 STORE tokens based on the following criteria:

  • 500 followers (followed before January 25 10:00 UTC) to win 300 STORE each
  • 500 followers (followed after January 25 10:00 UTC) to win 100 STORE each

We thank you for your interest and participation!

To many, cryptocurrency is the future of finance. These digital assets can improve upon the time and cost associated with traditional fiat payments and provide instant and cheap cross-border payments by offering a secure, trustless system for all. This new system can also provide services to those around the world…

Alchemy Pay will be expanding its International Communications team! Over the coming weeks, we are aiming to add a number of passionate, knowledgeable members to our growing crypto-fiat payments business.

If you think you can bring your talent and expertise to these roles, please get in touch. …

A digital crypto wallet is a vital piece of infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem. With the advancement of blockchain technology and rampant success of DeFi, a crypto wallet not only provides the most basic means of transfer and collection, but also often takes on the role of a crypto educator…

Alchemy Pay

Bridging The Fiat and Crypto Global Economies

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